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Murcia Travel Information

The region of Murcia has the typical Mediterranean semi-arid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. With the number of days per year with clear skies between 120-150 and approx. 2,800 sun-hours per annum it is no wonder that it is a popular destination for sun-seekers. .

The city of Murcia is described as one of the most beautiful and historic in the country. The city stands on the banks of the river and enjoys all year round sunshine. There is a great deal of Moorish influence in the city, not least of all the impressive city walls. After the re-conquest, the 20 mosques in the city were turned into churches. The Cathedral is the most highly prized building in the city. The first foundation stone was laid in 1388 by Bishop Pedrosa. It took four centuries to complete. There are so many different styles and cultures within, including 23 different chapels.

As you wander through the city, there is a monumental building on every corner. Many are in pristine condition and those that aren't are being restored to their former glory. One building worthy of a mention is the casino (pictured below). Here in the 19th century, worthy citizens would sit to be admired like fish in a goldfish bowl. The palatial interior is quite amazing.

In all, Murcia has everything to offer the visitor and you can almost certainly guarantee that no matter what time of year you visit, you will be wrapped up in some kind of fiesta or celebration. You will find the people pleasant and friendly towards tourists.

The coast line of the Murcia area is often referred to as the Costa Calida, has just over 170 km of coastline. Coves and small beaches, alternate with rocky shores and sheer, craggy cliffs. Much of the coastline has been declared Protected Natural Areas.

As a geographical accident of nature is La Manga, a coastal strip of land which, bar a few connecting channels, or narrows, completely closes off the Mar Menor lagoon from the Mediterranean. La Manga is famous throughout the world for its excellent sports facilities and championship golf courses.